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Who we are


Playvision was founded in early 2012 by a group of companies with their own traffic sources and years of experience in online marketing.

We’re based in Hong Kong and Saint Petersburg, Russia.


We understand fully that a creative team of developers first and foremost needs to concentrate on the process of creating their games.

We’re a capable and creative team of professionals ready to handle all your publishing and promotional needs.

From Russia to the world

You can rely on the same high-quality service and expertise from our years of experience publishing games on the Russian-speaking market, only now we’re opening up new avenues for your project’s distribution on a global scale.

We’re always on the look out for new opportunities and new markets for our partners.

Playvision recently launched playvis.com, our internationally-focused gaming portal. That means the market for your games just got a lot bigger.

What we do

We care
about quality

For us every project is a new and interesting task and we take pride in our ability to tailor each project to the specific demands of our various markets across the globe.

Playvision specializes in publishing browser and mobile video games

​We value collaboration and ​offer our partners a comprehensive package of services, which includes the localization and operation of your games .

Gaming market

Thanks to our expert knowledge of our markets, we guarantee that games published with Playvision will find their place on the worldwide online gaming market, despite constantly
growing competition.

Our services

Your game can
be up and running in just 24 hours!

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Browser publishing


The integration of the portal and social network increases the retention rate of users and generates high-quality traffic.

Our gaming portals

Our two gaming portals - playvis.com and playvision.ru - combine the features of both a publishing platform for your game and a social network for your gamers.


When players register on our portal, they join an entire community of games and gamers, including yours.


Our company has developed a unique product that releases games across several platforms at the same time. You’ll have access to a worldwide audience of gamers on the most popular social networks and publishing platforms, including:

Facebook VK

Mobile publishing

Own traffic sources

Thanks to our parent advertising company, we have access to our own mobile traffic sources.

Playvision API Library​

We’ve created a feature we call the Playvision API Library​ that lets players access our other mobile games directly from the game they’re playing, helping us cross-promote between games to create a powerful push of organic traffic.

IOS and Android​

Playvision is a progressive company always working on the cutting-edge of game publishing. We publish mobile games on both IOS and Android platforms.

Our games

Andromeda 5

Andromeda 5

Sci-Fi style 3D MMORPG

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Tidal Trek

Tidal Trek

Seafaring MMORPG game

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Lady Popular

Lady Popular

Fashion simulation game

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Strategy game with RPG elements

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Interested in joining our team? Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]