Project summary


Strategy game with RPG elements


PC, Social, IOS

Release date

August 2012

Total players


Game audience

Mainly males aged 14+


Russia and ex-USSR countries, North America, the United Kingdom and Australia

From the developers

As a game development company, we’re delighted to collaborate with Playvision. Playvision’s professionalism allows us to focus on game development without worrying about the operation or marketing of the game in Russian-speaking countries. From the very beginning of our collaboration, the Playvision team provided us with professional services, such as localization, packaging, promotion, technical support, and more. Our confidence in Playvision’s capabilities was raised even further during the CBT and OBT phases. For the entire extent of the game’s operation, the Playvision team has provided us with constructive ideas and suggestions both from their own professional specialists and from players themselves. These ideas help us to better understand the behavior and preferences of our Russian-speaking users, which in turn help us to better plan the future development of the project on the Russian/ex-USSR market. Playvision’s marketing team organized effective and successful promotional and PR campaigns geared towards our target audience. It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with Playvision. No matter how complex the given task is, the Playvision team handles it promptly and effectively. The collaboration between Playvision and Ideachannel is definitely a win for both sides.

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