Lady Popular

Project summary


Fashion simulation game



Release date

April 2014

Total players

260,000 MAU

Game audience

Mainly females, or any self-proclaimed fashion addict


Russia and ex-USSR countries

From the developers

Playvision proved to be the ideal publisher of our games on the Russian market; thus we’ve extended our partnership to grant them exclusive licensing rights to the blockbuster fashion game Lady Popular. Playvision is no ordinary videogame publisher, but a very proactive partner, who is always ready to help publishers improve a given project in any way possible. One of the first things that impressed us was how the team worked to redraw all male characters in the game as part of the localization process, carefully adapting the game to Russian and CIS audiences. Additionally, Playvision developed an in-game chat for Lady Popular in less than two weeks! If you are looking to succeed on the large and lucrative Russian-speaking market, Playvision should be your first choice.

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